What's so blamed mysterious about a canal?

Something mysterious enough that "Ripley's Believe It or Not" investigated it, THAT'S what.

The Cadillac Canal is a short waterway that runs between Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac, originally known as Big Clam Lake and Little Clam Lake way back during the area's logging years.

SO WHAT'S THE MYSTERY? During wintertime, the canal freezes before the lakes; but once the lakes finally freeze over, the canal thaws out and stays thawed throughout the rest of the winter, while the lakes stayed covered with ice.

Now why does the canal thaw once the lakes freeze? Nobody knows for sure and even "Ripley's Believe It or Not" came out and did an investigative story on it but their findings were inconclusive.....but locals think they MAY have an answer, albeit not a proven one. They say that due to the difference in depth of the lakes vs. the canal, the flow of both lakes forces the canal to thaw and open back up. That's their theory and scientists tried to prove it but still haven't been able to confirm it.

Take a trip to Cadillac this winter and see for yourself!
And see the historical marker there as well.


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