Constructed in 1885, the historic Owosso casket company building that was once considered the world's largest casket company is going to be demolished soon.

Why is the Owosso Casket Factory Being Demolished?

The building is a huge safety hazard as it's literally ready to collapse at any moment. It wasn't a major topic of discussion until part of the roof collapsed back in September of this year. The city quickly came to the decision that the building was extremely dangerous in its current condition and should be either torn down or braced up somehow.

Apparently, the owner of the building is in prison on charges unrelated to the building and didn't have a representative when the city asked the courts for permission to demo the building.

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The crumbling building was once a really big deal in the state of Michigan. By roughly 1920 they had become the world’s largest casket maker

The Owosso Historical Commission:

Around 1913, the Owosso Casket Company was turning out caskets at the rate of 150 per day and it was reported that business was far behind on its orders due to the flu epidemic, which was causing the death of hundreds of people, especially young children and the elderly in the United States.


When Will the Owosso Casket Factory Be Demolished?

They say the building will be coming down any day. Hell, they could be tearing it down right now. The city is just waiting on Consumers Energy to disconnect the utilities before demolition can get underway.

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