Alma College sits comfortably in Gratiot County, 54 miles north of Lansing. Comfortable to a point, as there have been incidents of paranormal activity on campus.

Sorority sisters that resided in the Gamma Phi Beta House's “Pink Room” experienced the most ethereal occurrences. Upon awakening one night, the girls witnessed a ghostly apparition within the bedroom, which appeared to be pacing back and forth from the closet to the bedroom door. The terrorized screams from the girls were heard by the dorm president, who proceeded to the room to investigate. When she opened the door, the ghostly figure moved past her and out. After an attempt to calm the girls down, she returned to try and get back to sleep. When she entered her room, she discovered that all the things she had hanging on her walls - pictures, etc. - were all on the floor.

After the Gamma Phi Beta house was constructed, bizarre events began: thuds, creaks, and other noises; objects are either moved or missing; lights dim; doors slam shut on their own and more. It's believed that when the dorm ws built, it somehow distrubed some restless spirits who didn't appreciate this structure being built on this particular piece of land.

On a lesser note, Alma College's Gelston Hall is believed by students to be haunted by the ghost of the hall's namesake, Mary C. Gelston, the college's first dean of women. Mary is known to be a scamp, as she locks students out of their rooms, slams doors and has appeared inside dorm rooms in the middle of the night for the purpose of throwing a scare into the residents.

Know anyone who attends Alma College? Or will someday? Maybe you can get some more stories out of 'em. If so, share!

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