WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Just five miles south of the Michigan border lies an abandoned church at the intersection of W. Delaware and Parkwood Avenue.

According to Ruin Road, in 1908, Epworth Methodist Church built a new church in the west end of Toledo. It had an auditorium, dining room, kitchen and rooms for Sunday School. The sanctuary finally came along in 1922.

In 1958, an arsonist took it upon himself to torch the building. The church was so badly damaged, it was decided not to renovate, so it was sold. Just one block south was Mary Manse College, a girls' Catholic school that was founded in 1922, the same year the church's new sanctuary was implemented.

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School officials took the initiative and bought the old ruined church. Renovations began which were continuous and lasted a few years. By 1967, the Mary Manse College Memorial Library was ready to go. It wasn't just a library – it had a 154-seat auditorium for stage shows, an audio-visual room, reading areas, and offices.

In 1975, less than ten years later, the college went bankrupt. It was sold in 1985 to be used as an art center. While other buildings in the area were/are used for art projects, the library remained unused and abandoned, becoming shabby and dilapidated.

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