I love to eat out, but I am married to a person who would rather eat in...  Once he sees this list he might change his mind, though. The list comes from Only in Your State, and you can find more information on their website. There are so many reasons you need to get out and explore. Start out by trying these places, and then find some of your own. You really can't go wrong; Michigan food rocks.

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  • 9

    Volare Ristorante

    Volare Ristorante is located in Wixom. They consider themselves to be an Italian steakhouse and offer a welcoming vibe and gorgeous decor.  It's cold out now, but warmer weather means seating on their wonderful patio. If you're looking for mouth-watering food, they've got it.

  • 8

    Frita Batidos

    Number 8 on the list is a little place in the center of Ann Arbor. Their menu is full of Cuban-inspired street food, and the word on the street is that their churros are delicious.

  • 7

    The Hudson Cafe

    This place is a pancake lover's dream. They offer pancake flavors like red velvet, cinnamon bun and even the traditional buttermilk. Delicious!


  • 6

    Dena's Family Restaurant

    Dena's Family Restaurant is on S. Dixie Highway in Monroe. There are lots of family favorites on the menu.


  • 5

    Bray's Hamburgers

    Located on Ford Rd. in Westland, this restaurant serves up burgers, fries, breakfast plates and coney dogs (my favorite).


  • 4

    The Polish Village Cafe

    The Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck, but it's definitely worth the drive. I recently got a chance to try some of their pierogis. They are delicious and come in so many flavors.  I would make the hour or so drive there again for the food.


  • 3

    The Fly Trap Restaurant

    Located on Woodward in Ferndale, this place is full of color, unique decor and fantastic food.  They serve everything from huevos rancheros to gingerbread pancakes.


  • 2

    Tucker’s of Northport

    It's not just a food joint. This place has fun activities like bowling and arcade games. Their food is legendary offering delicious pizza, pasta and so many other dishes to choose from.


  • 1

    Red Dunn Kitchen

    At the top of the list is Red Dunn Kitchen on Trumbull in Detroit. This stylish place not only shines with their decor, but offers up some amazing food.


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