We all know that Magic Johnson, Burt Reynolds, and Steven Seagal are from Lansing, but there are more famous and extraordinary people from here too. There are actually more extraordinary people from here than just people who have been in movies/TV or sports, so that's something else to brag about.

First, let's go over some of the extraordinary people from Lansing. These are the people that are famous doing something first, or creating/discovering something. Alexa Canady was born in Lansing and is known as the first American woman and first black person to become a neurosurgeon. Lori Garver was born in Lansing and went to school in Haslett and she became the former Deputy Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. In addition, another extraordinary person that was born and raised in Lansing and graduated from MSU was Donald B. Keck, he is an American research physicist and engineer most noted for his involvement in developing low-loss optical fiber and winning several awards for it. Finally, Penny Harrington is known because she is the first female chief of the Portland Police Bureau, making her the first female to head a major police department in the United States.

Next, let's get to other famous movie, TV, or sports people from Lansing that you might not know about. First, is Timothy Busfield who is well known for his movie roles and TV shows he was in such as: Thirtysomething, The West Wing, and more. Busfield was born in Lansing and graduated from East Lansing HS as well. Next up, Matthew Lillard who was born in Lansing and lived here  for a bit. He is most well known for being Scooby Doo and is currently in the NBS show "Good Girls. In addition, one of the most well known Romantic-Comedy movie makers John Hughes was born in Lansing but grew up in Grosse Point before moving again to Illinois. Finally, our current Governor Gretchen Whitmer is from Lansing and still lives in the area (East Lansing), and she also graduated from Michigan State.

So we have a little bit of everything in terms of famous or well-known people from Lansing. Now if anyone asks who else is from Lansing, you have a few more extraordinary or famous people to throw out.

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