The bumbling plot to kidnap Michigan's Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is going to be featured in a new podcast and television show.

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As a true crime lover, I've listened to A LOT of podcasts - one I definitely enjoy is the Chamelon series from Campside Media. Season one told the story of the Hollywood Con Queen, a years-long scam in which several Hollywood gig workers were fooled into flying to Indonesia for a movie that didn't exist.

New Podcast Will Tell Tale of Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Well, Campside Media is behind a new podcast on the attempted kidnapping of Gov. Whitmer called The Michigan Plot.

Deadline reports that the story, which is based on reporting from The New York Times' Ken Bensinger and Jessica Garrison, will be told on the sixth season of the Chameleon podcast.

The Michigan Plot is also coming to TV, with writers Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn, who have worked on shows like Ally McBeal and Entourage, to write the small-screen adaptation.

It will be interesting to take a deeper look at the whole situation, some of which took place in Grand Rapids.

Michigan Governor-Kidnapping Plot
Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center and Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Three Michigan men, Paul Bellar, Joseph Morrison, and Pete Musico are currently on trial in Jackson for their roles in the plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.

Here's what to expect from the upcoming podcast, according to Deadline:

Far from disciplined killers, the men accused of the heinous crime were in fact loudmouth stoner goofballs who spun wild fantasies, focused largely on bodybuilding and drinking beer, and in some cases seemed blissfully unaware that they were even engaged in a plot at all. One lived in the basement of a vacuum cleaner store and had to go to the Mexican restaurant next door every time he wanted to use the bathroom. On top of that, the FBI built its case on a series of confidential informants who themselves could not stop committing crimes and engaging in bizarre behavior. Even some of the FBI agents themselves were caught in uncomfortable situations. It was ugly and embarrassing all-around.


The most recent twist in the story is that a juror has been dismissed from the trial, accused of flirting with one of the defendants.

When Will New Podcast on Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Air?

A release date for Campside Media's The Michigan Plot has yet to be revealed.

It will be the sixth season of the Chameleon series and season five, Dr. Dante, has yet to air.

As for the TV show, according to Deadline, it's in development alongside the podcast.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more!

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