Oh my gosh, how much fun would it be to be on a TV game show? The one I always wanted to be on is "The Price Is Right"  Showing my age growing up I would have loved to have been on "Password".

I actually did audition for the" New Match Game" with Alec Baldwin 4 years ago. It got down to my virtual interview and I totally choked on it and missed a few of the questions, but it was fun going through the process.

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Okemos Woman Won A Car

So check this out according to wlns.com a Lansing area gal was just on The Price Is Right, she is from Okemos and she did great. Vicki Pursley actually won a brand new car.

She got it right on her second-to-last guess.

When it came time to spin the wheel, the woman before Pursley got the dollar. But then so did Pursley!

Then she won the spin-off and made it to the showcase showdown.

But that’s where her luck ran out.

She was $9,000 under on her bid for a trip and truck, so the other contestant won. But a new car and $1,000 isn’t bad for a day’s work.


Getting On A Game Show Is Not That Hard

I  guess being on a game show is not that difficult, I had some friends on a few, they said it just takes a little patience and time.   It's’s as simple as getting in touch with the company that produces the show and letting them know that you’re interested in becoming a contestant according to wikihow.com.

Like I did for Match Game you have to pass a preliminary audition for some more competitive shows. How fun, winning money and being a TV star for a day.

Game shows are usually focusing on one particular skill theme, so pick one that fits your expertise.  You can get more tips on being a contestant here.

Every Time the Final Jeopardy! Round Question Was About Michigan

Our state has been well represented on Jeopardy! over the years with over 800 regular Jeopardy! questions featuring Michigan.

In addition to all of those, there have been 14 final Jeopardy! round questions related to the state of Michigan, and we've got them all listed for you below.

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