I love the idea of having an office dog or cat. It is an idea that keeps popping up all over the country. As a HUGE animal lover, I say yes, we should do this.

Studies have shown that is a good thing for an office. According to an article from the Detroit Free Press, office pets reduce levels of anxiety and stress in humans.

Many companies that have work animals have a system worked out where on weekends, employees rotate who takes the office pet home.

Harris, Townsquare
Harris, Townsquare

My suggestion would be for me to just bring my dog to work, or even my cat. I know for me it would lower any stress that I had and would basically make me one super happy employee.

Workers at Strategic Staffing Solutions in Detroit have a 10 year old office dog who greets everyone at the door, plus they have 3 office cats.

I am really going to have try this one. It sounds like it would be totally worth it. For stress levels, of course.

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