The little community of Wooster lies in Sherman Township within Newaygo County, about five miles northeast of Fremont.

Before the 1880's, it was an unnamed postal station along the Chicago/West Michigan (later the Pere Marquette) Railroad. A ways east down the tracks was a stop called "Worcester Station" was re-named Ryerson Station and when the unnamed stop was settled as a lumber community in 1882, it took the name "Worcester" and abbreviated it to "Wooster". It has also been referred to as "Wooster Hill", "Worchester", and sometimes "Woolster".

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During Wooster's prime, the town had a creamery, depot, general store, pickle station, post office, produce warehouse, sawmill, schoolhouse, and telephones. All that's left is a couple of old buildings and a schoolhouse which has been turned into a home.

Today, there are a handful of Woosterites residing in the area, but there are no stores, shops, gas stations, restaurants, grocers, or party stores. So when you drive-thru, just plan on taking some photos or video.


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