2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of The Woolies' debut single, "Black Crow Blues."
The Woolies were (and still are) from East Lansing, formed in 1964 by keyboardist/harpist "Boogie" Bob Baldori, his guitarist brother Jeff, bassist Ron English, drummer Bee Metros and vocalist Stormy Rice, issuing their records on their own 'Spirit' label. They released a cover of Bo Diddley's WHO DO YOU LOVE in 1966 and it was such a huge local hit, the song was picked up and distributed by Dunhill Records in 1967, only peaking nationally at #95. Any self-respecting band back then used the Woolies' version of this song in their repertoire...my band definitely did!

After Stormy left the group in 1968 he was replaced by Zocko Groendahl.

Dunhill followed up the Woolies' WHO DO YOU LOVE with the 45 "Duncan and Brandy" which flopped; after other failed singles, they were dropped by Dunhill.

Check out their albums sometime: "Basic Rock" and "Live At Lizard's" as well as Bob & Jeff's solo work.

So, happy 50th to Boogie Bob and the guys...if you see any of them around town, make sure you give 'em congrats...their music still holds up all these years later!