This really is proof that people will bitch about anything and everything.

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I am sure you have seen memes making fun of people wearing masks while driving. I also see individual status posts over how 'stupid' or 'lame' people are for wearing masks in a car alone, or even with a passenger wearing a mask. First of all who cares? For real, why do you care?

Maybe the driver inside of the car is on his or her way to pick up a passenger? Or perhaps that person is almost to their destination, and is prepared to get out of the vehicle and go inside of a store? Or maybe just maybe - it's none of your business? I wore a mask inside of the Banana truck last week when Chris and I delivered food to area hospitals. Chris put one on too. Chris has not been at the radio station for months, I did it for both of our protection.

Seriously, if someone is driving and or riding in a car for 2 minutes, or 2 hours wearing a mask, why is it so bothersome to you? Is that all you have to worry about? If so, you are a very lucky person. 


Here is a radical thought about a person driving alone in a car wearing a mask, maybe he or she forgot it was on. I do it all of the time. Have you ever looked for your glasses, and they were on top of your head the whole time? It's just like that.

If you want to bitch about something on social media, make it something important - like why we can't get a McRib year round?

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