One thing that irritates the HELL out of me about the COVID pandemic is the masks! Not the fact it's a good idea to wear them but how people just toss them to the ground when they are done with them. Maybe they blow away but they are everywhere. I was going to take pictures and do a story on how we can all do better but my buddy already did. Click here to see it. I see them everywhere and we CAN do a lot better.

If you are looking to make the world around you a better place and looking for an opportunity to get outside, here it is!

My friend Michael McCallum has organized a PickUpLansing Event for Saturday (10/17) from Noon to 2pm. Sure it'll be cold but the sacrifice will make you feel good and maybe bring you some good karma? The event will start at Dagwoods and feature a cold walk around Lansing where you will safely pick up the junk others litter the streets with. While you are walking you are encouraged to take pictures of the trash and areas they are picking up. Then, share them on social media with #PickUpLansing. Gloves have been donated for volunteers. If you ever littered, here is your chance to clean the slate... Literally!

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