Yup - the Oldest Privately-Owned Campground in Michigan is the Whispering Surf Campground, that has been in operation since 1913. It began in that year as an Episcopalian Boys Camp called “Camp Morrison” and has never ceased its camping operations. It’s only had three owners in all that time, and it still has plenty to offer.

Whispering Surf is so-named for it’s proximity near Lake Michigan and Bass Lake (where they have a private beach), both of which you can take advantage of swimming or fishing.

If you wanna camp in a tent, RV, or cabin, you can do so here. It has mini-golf, canoe & kayak rentals, free WiFi, and a lodge for relaxing. The lodge has activities for family members, such as a library and games.

Things to see nearby are a handful of old lighthouses, museums, historical sites, golf courses, state parks, dune buggies, disc golf, marinas, hiking & biking trails, Ludington Arts Center, and more.

If you’re gonna camp this year, try this one. As I mentioned, it’s the oldest privately-owned campground still in operation since 1913.

Head over and camp under the old pine & oak trees this year!
Whispering Surf Campground is located at 7070 South Lakeshore Drive, Pentwater.

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