Everyone that I know personally loves looking at holiday Christmas lights. And I think the biggest reason for that is because businesses and home owners are stepping up their Christmas lights display in a big way.

I found this really cool website called lansingfamilyfun.com, and this website showcases the entire Greater Lansing area and where to go to see beautiful Christmas lights.

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You can pick your favorites from lansingfamilyfun.com or you can simply get into your car and take a two or three hour drive throughout the Lansing area and search out Christmas light displays on your own.

There are several areas that I like to go to during the holiday season. One of them is called "Wonderland of Lights" at Potter Park Zoo.

I've been going to the "Wonderland of Lights" for the past ten years because Potter Park Zoo does a great job with all the beautiful Christmas lights.

They play Christmas music while you stroll through the park and the zoo itself is decorated with the most beautiful Christmas lights display you will ever see.

Another place my wife and I like to go to is downtown Lansing. Take your family downtown to enjoy Christmas lights just about everywhere. And you can check out the huge state holiday Christmas tree right in front of our state capital.

If you're familiar with Moores River Drive in Lansing, there are a lot of homes decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. Just take the extra time to drive around at night and you will see many homes decorated with all kinds of Christmas lights.

My wife and I live in Okemos and we see many homes decked out with holiday lights. Our favorite holiday colors are red, blue, and white.

If you need great ideas on where to go for holiday lights, they're right here at lansingfamilyfun.com.

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