All you have to do is say "Sears in Frandor" and everyone knows what you're talking about.

Sears in the Frandor Shopping Center closed their doors last year and now everybody is curious as to what's going to happen with Sears property?

Sears in the Greater Lansing area was a staple in this area and was open for over 60 years.

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Back in the '80s, you would find me at Sears all the time.  I would shop for the latest craftsmen tools and I would buy all of my paint supplies directly form the Sears paint department.  (I really miss Sears)

Even my grandmother worked at Sears way back in the '70s and she absolutely loved working there.  Sears clothes department was very popular.  For quite some time, my grandmother would buy most of my clothes directly from Sears.

So now the question is, what's going to happen to Lansing's former Sears property?

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Sears occupied the space for over six decades after moving from a spot in downtown Lansing in the fall of 1954.  It was a fixture in Greater Lansing for 66 years, until the chain closed the store last year.

The Sears building in Frandor is still in pretty good shape and could be used for just about anything.  I was thinking about the possibility of a local skating rink or maybe a fun recreational area.  Whatever happens to the old building, you know it's going to be something spectacular.

The Lansing State Journal tells us:

"We've had everything from hotels to office buildings, bowling alleys, movie theaters, restaurants," Gillespie said.  "We've dreamed.  We've done sketch after sketch after sketch.

I personally like the thought of another bowling alley or maybe even a movie theater.  What about another grocery store?  Hang in there because something big is about to happen with Lansing's former Sears property.

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