Thanks for the memories. Now, get that thing out of my house.

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A lot went into you and the family picking that tree. Getting it from the lot, on the car, across town, into the house, decorated, watered, and now finally figuring out how to dispose of it.

Once you've dragged it out of the house, can you just leave it on the curb? Will they come to pick it up, do you have to call and make arrangements, how much is it going to cost, can you leave decorations on it?

You've got questions and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction to get rid of your live-cut tree and make some responsible choices when doing so. Depending on where you live, your time and options start running out in a week. So get a move on.

Recycle and repurpose those live-cut trees.

Let's start with East Lansing.

The City of East Lansing collects live-cut Christmas trees each winter. The trees will be chipped and used as mulch in East Lansing parks or donated to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for use as rabbit habitats. All bags, holiday decorations, and tree stands should be removed and trees taller than 6 feet should be cut in half. (City of East Lansing)

You can leave your tree curbside from now through January 14th or drop them off by that date at any of the five designated locations. All the East Lansing details are here.

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Meridian Township is currently accepting trees for recycling from Dec. 27 through Jan. 31 at Nancy Moore Park. Tree drop-offs there are free of charge. Trees yes, wreaths no.

Trees and other yard waste can also be recycled at the Meridian Township Recycling Center (5976 E. Lake Drive, Haslett) operated by Reclaimed By Design. There is a fee of $5-$10, depending upon size. No lights, metal, wire, or decorations will be accepted.  Artificial trees are also accepted for a $5 charge. (Meridian Township)

Delta Township residents may dispose of their natural Christmas trees from December 26 through January 31 at the Parks and Recreation Maintenance Building, which is located on Administration Drive. (Delta Township)

In Grand Ledge, Christmas tree pick-up begins Tuesday, Dec. 28 throughout the four zones within the city. For the city to pick up your tree, it must be free of all ornaments, garland, tinsel, lights, etc., and placed on the curb, not in the street.

Those wishing to dispose of their own tree at the Grand Ledge Compost Center should note the special hours for December 2021 and January 2022. (WILX)

For more details on any of the above locations, please follow the attached links or read the story from our broadcast partners at WILX.

Best practices are to clear your tree of all decorations, follow the guidelines for pickup, and be respectful of the dates, times, and drop-off locations.

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