The Izzo Legacy 5K Race happened this weekend, and it was full of fun, sweat, tears, and emotion.

The Brisk Wind & Weather Didn't Stop These Racers

Just because it was a little chilly and the wind was blowing, doesn't mean that we saw a lack of racers participating in the race.

The race had nearly 3,000 participants and was all-around fun. Even the volunteers at the event had loads of fun, just being a part of the 5K itself.

What Is The Izzo Legacy?

If you're from the East Lansing area, the Izzo name is legendary, and it's full of support for the community as well.

Both Tom and his wife Lupe, are both notorious for helping out their local community of Lansing & East Lansing. This is where the Izzo Legacy 5K Race came about and is for! It is for you, the Lansing community.

The purpose of the Izzo legacy is for the family to help support the family, in hopes that it will continue for years to come.

The Izzo Legacy 5K Race - Walk, Roll & Run

Whether you decided to walk, run or roll in this race, it was a day full of great emotions. People from all across the Mid-Michigan area, made their way out to help not only support the community but participate in the race.

Coach Tom Izzo was at the race, with his wife Lupe, both the headers for the race. Not only did racers get the chance to participate in the race, but also get a chance to meet Tom himself.

The 2022 Izzo Legacy 5K Race

Have some pictures from the event? Send them our way through the station app, we'd love to add them to the gallery above.

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