Some pass peacefully in their sleep, other celebrities go out in some pretty weird crazy ways.  Take a look.

Tennessee Williams..One of the most popular American Playwrights suffered death by bottle cap.    Apparently the playwright used eye drops a lot, and had bent his head back to drop some in his eyes, when the cap (which was still on) fell off and got lodged  in his throat causing  death.

Jayne Mansfield..the sex symbol of the 1950's and early 1960's also mother to  Law and Order Special Victims Unit actress Mariska Hagitay, died in a horrible car accident. Reports say the actress was in a car that rear ended a semi , killing her and her driver instantly but luckily her kids in the back seat were not injured.  For many years there were rumours that the actress had been decapitated, but that was not true.   Still a tragic end, luckily her children have no memories of the accident.

Joh-Erik Hexum.. The gorgeous actor (who attended Michigan State University) died while filming a tv show.   Hexum had grown restless during takes and for fun grabbed a prop gun, spun the cartridge and held the gun to his head in a 'mock' game of Russian roulette  and pulled the trigger.  The wadding from the empty barrel shot out hitting him in the temple.  Hexum was rushed to the hospital where he underwent 5 house of surgery.  He was pronounced brain dead six days later.


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