Are you not the biggest fan of having to decorate your house for the holidays? Do you dread having to set-up the Christmas tree because it's a lot of work? Well, Walmart will help you out this holiday season! They'll hang your lights for you and deliver your Christmas tree!

I made the mistake of buying a pre-lit tree a few years ago, and let me tell you, that thing is a pain in the butt to set up. You'd think it would be easy, but it's not. None of the plugs line up and I swear it takes me over an hour to get the thing standing. You don't have to worry about any of that this holiday season. Walmart has several different Christmas trees to choose from. You can pick out your perfect Christmas tree here.

If setting up your Christmas lights feels more like a chore, they've got you covered on that too! Walmart is doing a Christmas Light Installation Service! Single-story homes are $129 and two-story homes are $199.

"We will take the worry away from Christmas lights, ensuring our customers get all the joy and none of the hassle of climbing a ladder. And, as a bonus, having the lights taken down is only $99 for a single-story home and $159 for two-story homes.*


Don't forget, after setting up your Christmas lights send us a picture! That will get you registered to win a $500 visa gift card from MSU Federal Credit Union! Let's Light Up Lansing!

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