It has been raining in Mid-Michigan for a few days now. We've been dealing with some flood warnings at Sycamore Creek in Holt and The Red Cedar River in East Lansing for a few days now. But nothing like the threat of a dam break. That's happening in Midland County right now.

You're already in the middle of a pandemic. Worrying about getting sick, making ends meet, working from home, dealing with unemployment if you no longer have a job, homeschooling the kids, and now...THIS.

Imagine getting a loud knock on the door. A phone call. An alert on your TV, or on you phone via the emergency alert system. You have to evacuate. Leave your home. Now.

WNEM TV5 via YouTube
WNEM TV5 via YouTube

Part of that scenario came true for some folks in Midland County as the Edenville Dam has failed and is breached.

Residents in the Edenville and Sanford areas are being asked to evacuate their homes immediately due to a dam failure in the area.

Now Midland City residents west of Eastman, south of US-10 also need to evacuate. (WNEM)

The Governor has already stepped in and declared a state of emergency in a state already embroiled in mandates dealing with covid-19.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she's planning to issue an emergency declaration this evening to ensure state and local officials have the resources they need to respond to the Dam failure.

"The State Emergency Operations Center is already activated and fully engaged in the response. State officials from multiple departments have been on-site throughout the day," Whitmer said. (WNEM)

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