I don't think this announcement came as a surprise to anyone, but from what I have read on social media, a lot of people are not happy. Today Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has extended Michigan's current restrictions for an additional 12 days.

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According to the MDHHSA, indoor and outdoor gatherings are to remain limited. The department will continue to monitor hospital beds with COVID patients, and rate of case growth. In layman's terms, the same restrictions that have been in place still apply. The extension order will continue (as of now) until Sunday, December 20th.

Just because the MDHHS has extended this order, it does not mean everyone will listen. Like I said, from the reactions I have read on social media, people seem less than accommodating. I know it is tough not seeing family and friends, especially during the holiday's. At this time are you still planning on going 'full Christmas' with your family, or have you already canceled getting together? Don't worry I am not going to call the police on you - I am just curious.

As far as my family goes, we are opting to skip getting together this year. I suggested we do 'Christmas in July', I would much rather celebrate on a boat anyway. Santa hats and swimsuits it is. Merry Christmas.


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