The Keweenaw Peninsula in the U.P. seems to have an endless supply of small towns, ghost towns, shadow towns, lumber towns, and mining towns to visit. EVERY ONE of 'em are interesting. The area surrounding the Twin Lakes area is a good place to see a few, all close together.

Located in the Baraga State Forest, there's Lake Roland and Lake Gerald, known as the "Twin Lakes" area. Even though it goes by the 'twin" title, there are many, many smaller lakes (and villages) here.

Also close by are the shadow towns of Wyandotte, Elm River, WinonaToivola and Donken.

The Copper Range ran straight thru the whole area, bringing prosperity to the townspeople...for awhile. Nowadays there are a good handful of places to camp, fish, lodge, and some good places for some down-home cookin'.

It's a good area to go through on a U.P. roadtrip.
Take a drive there and see for yourself.


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