Q: I would like to know what the song is that goes “cave man, cave woman, neanderthal” and mentions Bertha Butt.

A: That's TROGLODYTE by The Jimmy Castor Bunch, a #6 song in 1972. The name 'Bertha Butt' became so popular with the public, that Castor made a followup single, THE BERTHA BUTT BOOGIE that peaked at #16 in 1975. TROGLODYTE was originally released as the misspelled “Troglodite,” stayed on the Hot 100 chart for 14 weeks and received a gold record award. Castor's other hits include his first, HEY LEROY, YOUR MAMA'S CALLIN' YOU (#31, 1967) and his other Hot 100 single, “King Kong,” which topped out at #69 in 1975; even so, he had a nice handful of hit singles on the R&B charts. Jimmy Castor passed away on January 16, 2012 from heart failure, just a week before he was to turn 72 years old.