The little historic village of Traunik sits all by itself in Limestone Township, Alger County. It can be found at the junction of County Road 01 and Traunik Road, north of Dexter Creek, their source for water. Settler George Nickel homesteaded in the area in 1895 and the community slowly began to grow. With a sawmill built, the Buckeye Land & Lumber Company was created and the town was named 'Buckeye Landing' and later, 'Buckeye Spur'. In 1912, Slovenia immigrants migrated to the area to work in the lumber business. They eventually re-named the area 'Traunik' ("meadow"), after a village in Slovenia.

During the early 1900's, along with the sawmill and lumber company, the village had a general store, schoolhouse, meeting hall, and post office.

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The old general store was owned by the Mikulich family from 1926 until 1987. This corner store was the center of activity for the town. People would stop to shop, get their mail, talk with neighbors and relax around a good old-fashioned wood stove. Today, the general store, schoolhouse and meeting hall still stand, along with a few other old original buildings.

Twice a year people come to Traunik from all over the country to celebrate the Fourth of July. The festivities attract over 200 people every year for an old fashioned dance and to scarf down delicacies like sausage, potica and strudel.

This is a very cool, historic old Michigan lumber town that you should add to your Michigan roadtrip. There are plenty of old buildings and homes scattered throughout the countryside, with plenty of photo ops.....and feel free to stop at the corner shop!


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