Have you ever been in a nightmare situation that didn't end well? That's exactly what happened when passengers boarded an Amtrak train from Michigan to Chicago.

It turned into a 19 hour ride because just about everything went wrong. One of the biggest complaints was the fact that there was a power issue with the engine.

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According to mlive.com:

Passengers stuck on an Amtrak train say there was no electricity, heat, bathrooms or food during a roughly 19-hour journey from Pontiac to Chicago.

No wonder passengers decided to get off the train to find another alternative. Hopefully everyone made it safely to Chicago one way or the other.

Here's what one passenger had to say, courtesy of mlive.com:

“There was just delay after delay,” said Michael Bambery, 48, who boarded the train in Ann Arbor around 7:15 a.m., jumped off the stopped train near Gary, Indiana, paid $200 for an Uber and got to his hotel 16 hours later.

One thing after another. It kind of reminds me of having car trouble. Even having car problems can cause issues when you're trying to go somewhere.

And with car issues, it's usually followed by another and another until you decide to buy or lease something a little bit more dependable.

This 19 hour train ride from Michigan to Chicago sounded like it was a complete disaster. Many passengers found their way off the train and hired an Uber.

Here are two more examples of train trouble, from mlive.com:

“Right off the bat when our engine went out, that also killed our electricity. So, we didn’t have charge and the bathrooms didn’t flush. You could use the bathroom, but it was like using a porta potty and that’s not great,” she said.Just east of the Jackson stop, the train hit the brakes again for a medical emergency. Passengers said it smelled like burnt rubber while the train sat for another two hours without power.

You know what's crazy? I've never been on a train before. I always wanted to take a train trip directly to Chicago or Canada.

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