Walmart. The retail giant has a strong foothold in nearly every medium and large city throughout the US. The big box store operates over 10,500 stores throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

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In 2022, Walmart managed to pull in $611.3 BILLION in revenue (up from $572.8B in 2021). With an estimated 2.3 million employees worldwide (around 1.6 million in America alone), the estimated revenue per employee.

The Most Commonly Shoplifted Items From Michigan Walmart

However despite massive growth, Walmart, like many major and small retailers, is taking a huge hit in one category. Stolen merchandise. Shoplifting has increased even more since the retailer (and many others like Walmart) has opted to eliminate most cashier positions and make their customers scan and bag their groceries (a practice I loathe and therefore have little sympathy for any retailer who loses money as a result).

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According to the Strategy Resource Group, a retail consultant, most retailers will lose 2-3% to theft annually. Doing the math, that means Walmart stands to lose between $12-18 billion to shoplifters.

That's an unreal amount of merchandise that's skipping the checkout stands (manned or unmanned) altogether and making a break for the door. But how? How can nearly $18B in goods be pocketed by those unwilling to part with their cash?

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Advances in technology have made our lives easier and technology smaller (thus making it easier to fit pricey merchandise into a pocket). Our society's need to make an impression also plays into someone's willingness to pilfer products. Organized crime also plays a big part in shoplifting rings, employing criminals to target products that are in high demand to be sold on the streets.

The 10 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Michigan Walmarts recently took a look at what items make up the estimated $12-$18 billion Walmart loses to shoplifters each year. Here are the Top 10 Most Commonly Stolen Items from Walmart in Michigan

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