Moving is never fun. When my wife and I have moved in the past I have given her warning:

I hate moving. I hate packing. I hate carrying things upstairs. I'm sorry I'm being a jerk, I'll be myself again once we're done.

Thank goodness she accepts that because I know I'm unbearable during the process of stuffing your house into boxes and then move them into another home that you'll unpack them in. We still have unopened boxes from our last move that I swear we haven't opened since the first of three moves! It's still taped shut and unlabeled. I don't want to open it now. I may have to take it to the airport to find out what's inside it.

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21 Tips From Michigan Natives For Anyone New to the Mitten State


Maybe you hate moving with the same passion I do and if so, you'll understand why being in the middle of this torture is the absolute worst time to meet a neighbor. If I see new neighbors moving in I invoke a mandatory introduction ban. My new neighbors have been in their home now for roughly 2, maybe 3 years. It may be time to introduce myself.

I would imagine moving to Michigan from another state would be tough if you weren't already indoctrinated into Mid-West culture. Even moving from the East Coast may be a bit of a culture shock. I know folks from the West Coast have trouble adapting to the different paces we have here in the Mitten. That's why we asked you for some tips to help folks moving to the Great Lakes State make their transition to Mitten life a little easier.

Michigan Natives Offer 21 Tips For 'Survival in the Mitten'

Moving to a state can be hard but, in Michigan we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. So here are 21 tips to make your move to the Mitten smooth.

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