There are very few challenges Michigan residents can't rise to. That said, there are certain things that are so deeply ingrained into our beings, that any self-respecting Great Lakes Stater just can NOT bring themselves to do.

1. In Michigan, We Can't Go Anywhere Without Our Car

2. In Michigan, We Can't Say 'Pardon Me'

3. In Michigan, We Can't Say I Love You

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4. In Michigan, We Can't Trust That There Are Just 4 Seasons

5. In Michigan, We Can't Say 'No'

6. In Michigan, We Can't 'Send it Back'

7. In Michigan, We Can't Pass a Driveway Without Judging

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8. In Michigan, We Can't Take the Last Piece

9. In Michigan, We Can't Believe It's Butter

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10. In Michigan, We Can't Pass Anything Without Waving

11. In Michigan, We Can't Understand Why Anyone Would Use The Front Door

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