Michigan has its share of murder cases...and boy, they give cases in New York, Los Angeles, etc. a run for their money. When it comes to the bizarre, the strange, the unique...Michigan definitely stands out.

Each of the 13 Michigan Murder cases below are TRUE and unique in their own weird way. Freaky, twisted, gruesome, creepy, grotesque, ghastly, appalling, horrific, grisly, shocking.....those words perfectly describe these tales.

Halloween is around the corner. These Michigan Murder cases might be the thing you need to wrap up your scary festivities, or to read to family members before they go to sleep. IF they'll be able to sleep.

Simply click the links below to read the tales, one at a time. Remember, the following cases are TRUE, and make sure you signify that fact as you relate these macabre tales of murder to your loved ones.....pleasant dreams...

HAUNTED MICHIGAN: The Restless Victims of the 1960's Michigan Murders

HAUNTED MICHIGAN: The Morris Murders of Anderson Cemetery

MICHIGAN MURDER SITE: The 1959 Murder of a Michigan State Trooper

MICHIGAN MURDER: The Pizza Restaurant Murder

MICHIGAN MURDER: The 1907 Murder of Sister Janina

HAUNTED MICHIGAN: The Crouch Murders, Jackson

HAUNTED MICHIGAN: Ghosts, Murder & Insanity at Dudgeon Swamp

MICHIGAN HISTORY: 91st Anniversary of the Bath School Massacre

MICHIGAN GHOST TOWN: The 1968 Murders in Good Hart

UNSOLVED MICHIGAN CRIME: The Murder of Lydia Thompson, 1945

MICHIGAN CRIME: The 1970 Murder House in Ithaca Still Stands

HAUNTED MICHIGAN: Witchcraft & Murder in the Swamps of Blood Road

MICHIGAN MURDER: The 1909 Gruesome Discovery in Rattle Run Church

MICHIGAN CRIME SCENE: Inside the 'Jeepers Creepers' Schoolhouse


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