"On October 13, 1945, Lydia Thompson’s headless body was discovered in a marsh near Pontiac, Michigan, by some mushroom pickers. She had been tortured and stabbed with an ice pick" reads an excerpt from listverse.com about one of Michigan's most famous unsolved crimes.

Lydia & Louis Thompson came to America and settled in Detroit following World War I. Louis made his fortune by running his own automobile dealership and the two were sitting pretty...Louis even got Lydia her own laundromat to run.

Years of success, money and misdirected power can lead to massive ego...and sure enough, Louis began having an affair with his secretary, Helen Budnik. Thanks to a private investigator, Lydia found out about Louis' private trysts and Louis ended up moving out.

As time went on, and after a handful of trial reconciliations and more deceit, Lydia's headless, mutilated body was discovered. Being the top suspects in the murder, Louis and Helen both took lie detector tests and passed; they also had good alibis to steer authorities away from them. One month later, in November 1945, boy scouts scoured the murder site and discovered a meat cleaver - NOT an ice pick - that was determined to be the murder weapon.

Even so, the two were arrested after a whole year had passed. But then a woman contacted authorities and told them her boyfriend was paid $10,000 by Louis to kill his wife. Unfortunately, that story was false. Her already-married boyfriend had made up the story in order to scare her off and to keep her mouth shut about their affair.
Are you confused yet?

Some people feel it was one of Lydia's private investigators that took her money and then did her in himself.

Louis and Helen were released from jail and remained free throughout the rest of their days.....the murder was never officially solved.


There are many more details to this unsolved Michigan crime and you can read 'em all by CLICKING HERE.

Anybody wanna try and solve this cold case?

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