Last month we talked a little bit about a 'tick explosion' in Michigan.

I know what you're thinking, "Great, another thing to worry about."

Well, what if I told you that there's an app to help you with those pesky little blood suckers?

MSU has teamed up with other scientists at Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin to create The Tick App.

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What The Tick App is about

They call it the "on-the-go tick expert."

The app was not only created to help researchers collect data, but it's an easy way for individuals to identify the type of tick they've encountered.

It also shares information on tick prevention, how to safely remove one, tick activity in your area, and more.

Jean Tsao, associate professor in Fisheries and Wildlife and Large Animal Critical Sciences at MSU says that the app is super easy to use.

The Tick App makes reporting a tick easy. If you find a tick, just open the app, answer a few short questions and snap a pic. Then, submit your report and wait for a researcher to identify the tick for you.

The app is easily accessible on Google Play or the App Store.

Read more on The Tick App here.

Diseases some ticks carry

Did you know that more than 300,000 people a year contract Lyme disease? Tsao says that not all ticks spread Lyme disease but to always check yourself for them after being outdoors.

Not all ticks carry pathogens and even if you are bitten by an infected tick, removing the tick before it has fed for 12 hours makes your chances of becoming sick from most tick-borne pathogens very low.

Did you know there's a tick that can cause a food allergy? If you are bitten by a lone star tick, you could potentially develop an allergy to red meat and milk.

Read more on the lone star tick here.

Tips on how to avoid ticks

Choose your clothes wisely. Stick with something lighter so you can easily detect a tick on your clothing.

Always use repellents that contain DEET and make sure to spray your skin as well as your clothes.

There are preventatives you can use to protect your pet from ticks. Consult your veterinarian on what product is best for your pet.

For more information on how to protect you and your loved ones from ticks, click here.

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