Ticks are the worst am I right or am I right?

It's one thing after another, I tell ya. We already know we have to worry about mosquitos and fish flies during the summer months. Now we have to worry about thousands of cicadas emerging after a long slumber and a 'tick explosion?'

What does a 'tick explosion' mean?

Ticks are nothing new to Michigan but apparently there's a tick overload and Jean Tsao, associate professor in Fisheries and Wildlife and Large Animal Critical Sciences at MSU tells MLive that it might have something to do with our weather.

Milder winters bring a longer growing season, allowing ticks a longer time to find a host and then lay eggs.

Did you know that a female tick can lay up to several thousands of eggs? Michigan is home to five different types of ticks. Tsao says that ticks like to stay in a wet area and hide in wet leaves during the winter to keep their bodies moist.

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How are the ticks migrating?

Ticks have always been around Lower Michigan but there hasn't been as many as there are now.

Tsao believes that ticks are making their way through Michigan by traveling on the wings of birds. Birds have changed their migrating patterns because of climate change.

Read more on Michigan's 'tick explosion' on MLive.

Tips on how to avoid ticks

Use repellents that contain no more than 30 percent DEET and always make sure to check your skin and clothes after spending time outside.

There are preventatives you can use to protect your pet from ticks. Consult your veterinarian on what product is best for your pet.

For more information on how to protect you and your loved ones from ticks, click here.

How to remove a tick

If a tick needs to be removed from your pet, I recommend going to your veterinarian and having them remove it so you know you've removed the entire tick.

If you're removing one from yourself, I would still recommend having it removed by a professional. Some ticks do carry diseases such as Lyme Disease.

There is always a possibility that when you're attempting to remove one yourself, you dismember the tick and leave their head impeded.

If you decide to try to remove a tick yourself, here are some tips from WebMD.

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