As we get used to being able to go and actually sit down at a restaurant again, many establishments have opted to expand their outdoor seating options.

It really depends on you and your preferences of whether you would rather eat outside or in so here are some pros and cons of eating outside that may help you make up your mind!

The Pros: 

  • New and Exciting: It's a nice change of pace from what we are used to with always eating inside.
  • People-Watching: When you eat inside, you miss out on lots of things going on around you outside. If you are nosey like me, eating outside is always a great option to get the scoop on everything going on. It's a whole new world out there, one I want to make sure I see how it unfolds.
  • Enjoy a Beautiful Day: I am one of those people who feels guilty when the sun is out doing it's thing and I am choosing to stay inside and not enjoy it. Eating outside gives that feeling of being out and enjoying the day while still enjoying a meal with friends, family or whoever!
  • Less Restrictive: If you and your group are a bit on the loud side, sitting outside is probably your best bet! being noisy inside a restaurant is pretty taboo but being out on a patio is a bit less restrictive. When eating outside, it just has a more casual feel and not as stuffy as indoor dining.

The Cons:

  • It's Hot: Sometimes we choose to eat inside because the weather outside is not all-too favorable. Trying to wipe excess food from your face while also wiping away sweat is not fun...especially if you forget which napkin was for your hot sauce...
  • Braving the Elements: Having your napkins or other utensils start to blow away on you is pretty annoying. Also, all our long-haired friends have to battle trying to eat while also not trying to eat your own hair as it blows in your face.
  • BUGS: Bugs are called bugs for a reason...because they bug you. They are especially annoying when you are just trying to eat your dang food. That free bread or chips and salsa looks a whole lot less appetizing once a fly lands in it.
  • Not as "Fancy": If you have been looking forward to going out to eat and enjoying a restaurant's atmosphere and environment only to be told you have to eat outside, it could be pretty disappointing. Some people just really prefer to eat inside as that is what a true restaurant experience is.

What are some other arguments you could make either for or against eating outside?

Me, personally, I would almost always rather eat outside. Here in Michigan we have a pretty limited amount of time to get out and enjoy the wonderful patio seating at some of our favorite restaurants.

Maybe it's the former Grand Rapids resident in me where some of my best dining experiences have been at some of my favorite restaurant's patios.

I love eating outside and always ask to whenever I can at different restaurants. Like I listed in the "pros" section, it's a great change of pace!

What do you think?

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