We all enjoy some good food therapy, right?

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We all have a go-to food for those bad days too...at least some of us do.

Some tend to be sweets, while other days might just be a whole large pizza by yourself.

We All Go Through The Blues - This Is A No Judgement Zone


As someone who dropped a hundred pounds, I know my way around the kitchen and what I do and do not like.

I definitely had those comfort food days in my life.

Comfort Food Eating: In OR Out?

You either go straight out and eat food, or you just rummage through the kitchen till you fill the hole in your life.

So, where to go in Lansing is the better question.

I'm glad you asked, check out these 15 restaurants with DELICIOUS food, and will comfort the soul at the same time.

Here Are The Best Places To Go In Lansing For Comfort Food

Sometimes, indulging in the better things in life is needed. Take a look at where you can get your fill in Lansing and just feel comforted.

Restaurants That Lansing Should Seriously Invest In Though:

While you can get your comfort fill here, here are some restaurants, I think we can all agree that Lansing needs.

Restaurants Lansing-Area Residents Want in Okemos

When the Okemos Outback Steakhouse location at 4880 Marsh Rd. suddenly closed its doors, we started talking about what we would like to see go in to replace it. Suggestions ranged from fast-food to other steakhouse-style options to non-food businesses entirely. See what Lansing-area residents want in Okemos.

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