This won't shock you really because we were all home for most of the year and it is the comfort food that most of us go to when we are sad or happy. You might think it was alcohol, but no it was actually something you could buy at the liquor/party store.....Chocolate.

Chocolate Easter eggs and rabbit , on wooden background

That's right you might be eating some right now or thinking about it since I mentioned it, but we have been buying a lot more chocolate over the last 6 months (data is from mid-March through the beginning of August). Overall sales of chocolate and candy have increased 3.8% with chocolate (+5.5%) and premium chocolate (+12.5%) outpacing the rest of the category. It appears that we are not only buying chocolate but the fancy chocolate to get us through this time. I mean it makes sense because most of us will associate chocolate and candy with happiness and we haven't had that many happy things to witness this year.

Another thing that was interesting was that since restaurants and smaller stores closed more people are getting their chocolate from the grocery store. Chocolate and candy sales at grocery stores are up 16.6% with chocolate (+17.9%), premium chocolate (+21.4%) and non-chocolate (+13.5%) all way up too.

So you don't have to be mad at yourself if you are eating more chocolate over the last 6 months cause apparently everyone else is too. In addition, in case you forgot Halloween is in 2 months, or in 2020 time like another 7 years, but More about it here.

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