With movie theaters closed amid the COVID-19 outbreak, movie lovers in Michigan's Canterbury Village came together while staying apart the old-fashioned way.

According to MLive, starting Thursday, April 30th, Orion Township's Canterbury Village will be showing movies every day of the week, except Wednesdays, with a drive-in movie theater.

It's a past time popular among those who want a more unique version of the old stand-by of "going to the movies" and those who long for "the good old days" and everything in-between.

Citing the Detroit Free Press, MLive reports the village was originally only going to be showing films on the weekends but the demand for tickets far exceeded that.

As far as the "specs" go, Canterbury Village can host 150 cars for each showing, with each vehicle having its own 20-foot wide spot which coincides with the points of social distancing.

Let's hope more "drive-ins" follow suit and give us some way to feel like life is "normal" while providing a unique and fun experience!

Where are some of your favorite drive-ins?

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