The old 6th Precinct Police Station in Detroit, Michigan: historic, deserted and haunted. After the groundbreaking ceremony on June 19, 1930, this $83,100 historic building began covering parts of southwest Detroit until they wrapped it up and moved to new quarters in 1986. The new location & building for the 6th Precinct was/is 11450 Warwick Street.

Once the 6th Precinct moved out, the building became the headquarters for the Gang Squad, part of the Detroit Special Crimes Section. Those headquarters lasted a good nineteen years until 2005 when it was closed and abandoned, thanks to lack of funding and budget cuts. Now empty, the building was wide open for trespassers and vandals, who scrapped the place and caused damage.

The station stayed abandoned until 2013 when a private buyer purchased the building and planned to renovate it.

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The precinct made the news over the decades, with tales of civil unrest. During the 1943 race riots, police officers were forced to leave the building, making it wide open for prisoners to be set free and during the 1967 race riot, the precinct was besieged with sniper fire. These are just two of the handful of occurrences the precinct has endured.

As for paranormal activity, the thought of any haunting began after media archives revealed several deaths that happened at the station and in the neighborhood. People were killed on the front steps and there were multiple suicides – by civilians and even some police officers themselves, some killed in the firing range. This was enough encouragement to bring paranormal investigation crews to the station, who conducted their own probes and explorations from 2014 to 2018.

Thanks to that, the 6th Precinct became a common haunted story on TV programs like the Travel Channel's “Most Terrifying Places” and “Haunted Case Files”.

The plans for renovation have not been scrapped and are still in progress (keep that in mind and always ask for permission to enter and look around). According to, the cells will become a Secure Cloud Computing Data Center. The gym is being turned into a workspace for Tech businesses. The shooting range will resume operating. The remainder will be used for meetings, retail stores, offices, and coffee shop.

But don't let that throw ya...the place is still creepy and 'haunted'. The gallery below takes you inside the old 6th so you can get a taste for yourself...

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