Michiganders should never be taken with a grain of salt. We go on to be big names in the industry. I mean, come on. We have Tim Allen, and of course, the dreamy Mathew Lillard all in our corner.

But, we aren't talking about famous actors here. These select people didn't get their name out there through acting.

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These gentleman made an impression in the world and probably helped morph your childhood.

The CEO'S & Creators Of These Companies Are Originally From Michigan

I mean, does it surprise you? People from Michigan aren't to be taken lightly. Take a look and see these Michiganders who created things you probably use every day.

I don't know about you, but Guitar Hero was a big part of my childhood. I'm a Gen Z baby, so you can only imagine some of the times I had with the game.

It's crazy to know, that the guy who helped engineer the game, is originally from Battle Creek.

Craigslist, Twitter, Google... I mean, you probably don't use Craigslist every day, but you might use Google & Twitter, and two guys who helped found the company is from the state of Michigan.

Did we miss someone that you know of?

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