With many recreational options not open at the moment, where are some of your favorite places in Michigan to rent a cabin?

Let me just start off saying that I love to camp! However, not everyone in my friend group feels the same way. Camping isn't for everyone and I totally get it. When talking to friends recently, we decided we wanted to take a weekend trip somewhere. Now we just have to find the right spot.

While typically we would organize a trip to a large city we have never been to before or an amusement park like Cedar Point, those options are not really in the running this year for obvious reasons. So, we decided to see a little more of Michigan and now want to rent a cabin or too somewhere and just enjoy what the state has to offer.

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There are so many options out there when it comes to lodging when Michiganders head up north. It is a tough thing to narrow down. We talked about trying to find something near Torch Lake or the Traverse City area. The Boyne Mountain area came up in conversation as well. The problem is that none of us have rented a cabin before. I have camped all over the state and have never even looked into cabins.

So with that said, where are your favorite places to rent a cabin? What do you like to do on trips like that? We are open to anything from hanging out on a lake, playing golf, going tubing, or anything that will get us outside. Let me know in the comments!


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