Have you been finding that some of your favorite items are not on the grocery store shelves in Michigan and the Lansing area? I was grocery shopping in Downtown Lansing over the weekend and brought home many substitutions from things I usually buy.

There are also problems for some folks looking for Computer chips, exercise equipment, and breakfast cereal. By now, you’ve probably heard the world has run short of a great many items.

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We are pretty spoiled and used to clicking and buying whatever we want or having it at our doors the next day.

Now many of us in Michigan and across the country are experiencing the shock of not being able to buy toilet paper and maybe having to wait months for curtains. Also, you may not be able to get that new car right now or the color you want.

Well, according to clickondetroit.com the supplies shortages could affect everything from your Thanksgiving dinner to how you deal with winter weather.  So if you're worried about not having some of the favorite stuff for the holidays you may want to pick it up now, but please just get what you need so there is some left for other people.

Some Items To grab Now

Here are the four items you may want to buy soon;

  1. Snow shovels
  2. Sidewalk salt
  3. Turkey
  4. Firewood

So shop early because the Supply chain problems probably won't end anytime soon with there still not being enough drivers to bring us the goods. Also consider different foods to bring to the table this year.

What If I Can't Get a Turkey?

If for some reason you don't get a turkey this Thanksgiving maybe think about options this year to mix it up. Maybe a Lasagna.  Yum.

Firewood may be in short supply this winter so think about chopping your own just in case.  Happy holidays kids and let's remember what's important like our family and friends and to count our blessings.

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