First it was toilet paper and Lysol wipes. Then gas became a issue. We survived, but the shortage coming our way may just send us over the edge. With the start of summer literally days away there is know a looming shortage that could really put a major damper on our summertime fun in the sun.

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CSNBC is reporting a major choline shortage is looming across the country. According to the report, the chlorine shortage is widespread and it will likely worsen. The result will end up causing chlorine prices to climb even higher right when homeowners will pools are  starting to prep their swimming pools for the season.

Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants CEO Rudy Stankowitz has worked in the industry for more than 30 years commented saying, 

“I call it ‘Poolmageddon.’ It’s a chlorine crisis,” the Florida-based writer said. “A lot of people are not going to be able to find the chlorine tablets they need this season.”

Who's To Blame

First there's the major supplier that is recovering from a fire. BioLab, the biggest manufacturer of chlorine tablets, burned down last August, right after Hurricane Laura. The plant, located near Lake Charles, Louisiana, is looking to get things up and running r by spring 2022.

Second, you got it, is good ole' COVID-19. With the country stuck at home last summer with nowhere to go, backyard pool time became the summer vacation. That stay at home time made demand for chlorine skyrocket.

What to Expect

So what does it mean? Basically a big hit to your wallet. CSNBC notes that chlorine prices are expected to spike 70% this summer over last year. Typically a 50-pound bucket of chlorine would cost anywhere from $75 to $85. Over the past year, the price increased to $140. With the current situation prices could climb to $158.

Now What?

There are alternatives out there such as converting your pool to salt water. If that's not an option the best advice is to talk to a pool expert on ways to cut down in chlorine usage while we ride this one out this summer.

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