Sparta Central Elementary School was permanently closed in 2009.From the sparse information I was able to decipher, the building was originally the old high school. It was a two-story building, later transformed into a one-story for the elementary school. Since it closed in 2009, there have been people claiming strange things going on there. Night custodians said they've heard footsteps, music, and talking when no one else is present. They've encountered odd cold spots, and have actually watched doors open & close by themselves. A particular custodian said an unseen "something" touched his arm. When it had its second floor, neighbors across the street witnessed a man looking out the top floor window...this was when no custodians were yet working at night. A constant figure that seems to be spotted is that of a small man with a beard, lurking about the hallway near the old first grade classrooms.

So just who are these apparitions supposed to belong to?

The main consensus is there are TWO ghosts in the building. One of them is the young spirit of a former night custodian who passed away from diabetes.....he had a beard.

The second is believed to be the ghost of a student who was killed within the school in the 1950's. He was playing inside the school after hours and somehow got crushed by a set of lockers that had not been attached to the wall.

As mentioned earlier, the school has been closed since 2009. If your curiosity gets the best of you, make sure you seek the proper permission before you investigate. I have a feeling this place could provide some interesting investigative results...if you go at night.

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