Another Haunted Michigan tale takes place in Adrian at Siena Heights University.

Siena Heights was founded by the Adrian Dominican Sisters in 1919; it's a wonderfully beautiful campus and is one of the most prestigious universities in our also happens that many people believe paranormal activity is abundant in the older buildings. Check out the photo gallery above and see what the old buildings and campus look like.

When the dorms were constructed in the early 1900's, a huge beam became dislodged and fell, killing two volunteer workers. Paranormal activity has been reported in this particular area of the campus many times over the decades.

Room 211 lies in the oldest part of the dorm....and the ghostly activity surrounding that room still occurs to this day...the door opens & closes on it's own, even when locked.

In one part of the room, two points of light - resembling glowing eyes - appear from time to time. Investigators attempted to debunk this, trying to prove that the "eyes" were nothing but reflections of car beams, street lights, someone playing with a laser light, whatever...but their results came up empty. Even when covering the window with shades, blankets, sheets, etc. the lights still appear. Attempts to paint - and even wallpaper - over the area don't do any good...the lights still appear. When an object is placed in between those two lights, the lights begin glowing even brighter. 

Pictures were hung over the area to conceal the  creepy lights but guess what? The pictures would fall off, as if something just plain doesn't want to be covered up. 
People who have experienced these happenings don't get a sense of anything evil, just unexplained happenings that definitely give off a creepy feeling.

Is all this paranormal activity caused by the deceased Adrian Dominican sisters who have passed away on the grounds over the past century? Maybe...there IS a large cemetery on the grounds with the graves of the sisters who have died over the past 100 years.

Pay a visit to this awesome university and you'll get the sense of serenity but also a feeling that something is watching you as you walk the grounds...but if you want to explore the old buildings for paranormal activity, always get permission.

And while you're in the Adrian area, visit another spot that is a hotbed of paranormal activity...the Ghost Trestle. You can read all about THAT weird legend in a post I did last year by CLICKING HERE.

Visit soon.....

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