“Flint To Demolish Shady Acres Mobile Home Park in Blight Removal Project” read the header on the TV news.

This former 196-lot mobile home park, established in 1982, sat abandoned since 2015 when it was taken over by Genesee Bank.

The previous owner left $120,000 in unpaid water & sewer bills, and no heat or utilities for the residents.

They had no recourse but to leave and find a home elsewhere. Furniture, toys, kitchenware, appliances, food, medicine...all left behind to rot.

As the park sat waiting for demolition, it was being used for drug deals, dumping, arson, and vandalism. All the homes were ripped to shreds, belongings strewn inside the homes and out. Someone even had the gall to dump an old hot tub onto the property.

Finally, in the summer of 2019, Genesee Bank began demolition. By October 2019, the place was completely cleared out, finally looking somewhat presentable.

If you want to read more about the criminal investigation that was involved with the previous owner, CLICK HERE.

The photos below show what the park looked like before demolition and a picture afterward.

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