At  701 Marshall Street (M-89) in Allegan stands an old hospital that was built in 1909 by a doctor named John Robinson. During the 1920's, Doc Robinson sold the place to a physician from Chicago: one that seemingly had ties to the mob.

Supposedly, Al Capone came here often. Whenever Capone or some other gang members needed to hide out or get secret medical service, they visited the John Robinson Hospital in Allegan (sarcastically, isn't it amazing how Capone seemed to show up EVERYWHERE in Michigan?).

According to, one of the gang members evidently had the nickname "Tall Louie," and is one of the seven ghosts that inhabit the old hospital. Louie passed away somewhere else but now resides in the old hospital, due to the fond memories he has of the place.

Other ghosts include a little boy and little girl who may have died in the hospital from tuberculosis (the hospital was known for psychiatry and treating TB).

After the hospital shut down in 1948 and was turned into an Elks Lodge in 1961, a caretaker went out to the back porch and - for some unknown reason - hung himself.

Employees and visitors have experienced all sorts of paranormal activity. According to, people have witnessed "cabinets opening up by themselves in the kitchen, sounds of children laughing, photographic anomalies captured throughout the building, shadow figures in the basement where the morgue was located, indiscernible conversations, knocking on the front door and ringing of the doorbell when no one was present, footsteps, sound of hospital activity long after being used as one, full bodied apparitions of children. (One woman) was even slapped in the face, and had her ear pinched and glasses displaced on one occasion."

This is one of Michigan Historic Sites, NOT some old place that you can sneak into. GET PERMISSION BEFORE ENTERING.

The old hospital still stands on six acres in Allegan’s historical district across from the Kalamazoo River. See the photos below that show the outside, inside and location.

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