Here we go with another scam. This time it's a fake alert from someone claiming to be the Jackson County Health Department, and you should warn any elderly family or friends as it may affect them. According to WILX, the Jackson County Health Department is issuing a warning about a scam that targets the elderly and asks for their personal and health insurance information. Some scammer will pretend to be a member of the Jackson Health Dept. and ask for your health insurance information and then ask you for money.

The Jackson County Health Department is warning people of this scam, and they say they will NEVER call and ask for that kind of information or money and that the caller is impersonating the department. The Health Department is warning residents that if they get a call like this then they need to hang up and alert the authorities. Also, never give away any of your personal or health insurance information to anyone as it is a way that someone can still steal your information.

If you would like to talk to the Jackson County Health Department, you can call them at 517-788-4420. More about the scam here. 

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