Sanctuary Woods Preserve is a 40-acre park in Holland on Lake Macatawa. Forty acres might not seem like a lot compared to other wildlife sanctuaries, but just going up and down the wooden stairs to the dune will make it seem a lot bigger...and maybe last longer. And on top of that, there are a couple of abandoned things within the woods that seem somewhat out of place.

I'll tell you what they are in a minute...but first, a little bit about the sanctuary.

It has one of the most impressive staircases, especially for a sanctuary of this size. The smaller size also means less people, less jostling, less bumping into someone, and possibly more serenity for those who seek it. Keep your dogs on leashes, and no bicycles are permitted past the parking lot.

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From the parking lot, the trail crosses Kelly Creek and into the woods until you encounter the stairs that lead to the dune. Even though there's a dune, there is no scenic view to enjoy. Climbing the stairs may wear you out, so keep that in mind.

Okay, now within the woods are a couple of out-of-place abandoned items. The first is a big pile of graffiti-filled concrete blocks. These were once the base of a water tower, now crumbled and just resting in the woods. The other abandoned item is a truly abandoned old rusted out automobile, that – according to frequent visitors – has been there for many many, decades. Looking at the pictures, can anyone identify the make of this old, torn-apart, rusted automobile?

Forage thru the woods a little off the trail and maybe you'll find a few other surprising remnants. Take a look at the gallery would be a nice place to visit while the fall colors are out!

Abandoned Car & Water Tower in Sanctuary Woods Preserve


1930s Auto Junkyard in Northern Michigan

Abandoned U.P. Ramshackle House

Abandoned Sycamore Creek Bridge, Lansing



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