Dog parks can be INSANE!

Running around, chasing other dogs, barking at people...and those are just the owners.

"Hey, come get your dog!"

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Trying to figure out if someone's dog is really friendly and if they're gonna mess with your dog.

Folks who refuse to pick up after their dogs. It's not like THEY can't see what their dog JUST DID. Coupled by the fact that they're in a dog park filled with other dog owners staring RIGHT AT THEM.

Amazingly enough the dogs can sometimes be the least of the problems at a dog park.

Pet owners can be mean, rude, and downright catty sometimes. However, we're all pretty particular about our fur babies.

Throw this pandemic on top of the dog park and it makes things just a little more difficult.

How would you like the run of a dog park ALL TO YOURSELF?

And if you like, you could invite ONLY the other doggie parents and pooches you know.

Like you own little private dog park party.

Let's make it happen. But you better move quick because this is happening fast and selling out quick.

The folks at Pup House  (Lansing's First Dog Park Bar) are offering up a fundraiser called Rent-A-Park. It's January 16th - 17th and you can make reservations and rent you own little dog park by the hour.

Enjoy an off-leash dog area with a cozy atmosphere for rent by the hour! Up to 10 people can join and bring however many dogs you want! All proceeds benefit Pup House in our endeavor to open Lansing’s first dog park and bar. (Pup House)

Tickets are on $30 bucks and you can find out more and get them HERE.

Off leash dog area complete with coffee/cocoa bar and a bonfire.

If you're thinking about doing it, you should hurry. At the time of publishing there was only one slot left open for Saturday and a couple for Sunday.

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