This is 100% the good news that we needed this morning.

The boys were dispatched to a rowdy party with loud music and suspected underage drinking....what do you all think we should do!?!?
Have a great and safe night everyone!

Posted by Brownstown Twp Police on Saturday, September 26, 2020

A couple of officers were on patrol in Brownstown Township (also known as 'downriver' in Wayne County), Michigan on Saturday, September 26th when they received a "report" of a "rowdy party" with possible underage drinking and loud music. They made their way to the location...and found a group of senior ladies making s'mores over a fire pit outside of their assisted living facility.

The police posted the tongue-in-cheek picture to their Facebook page and the comments are HILARIOUS.

Their walkers also look like they are illegally parked.


A Boone's Farm hangover is punishment enough! I know by experience.


The one in the middle is hiding that whacky tabaccy in your unmentionables. Better check throughly.


Betty white in the background!


Think they ordered the wrong strippers.

Not gonna lie, this is the best thing we've seen all week. As the comments point out, the cops aren't bad to look at, either. Aboslutely love that they have a sense of humor about it. These ladies probably don't have a lot going on, especially right now, so it's nice to see that they can get outside and go do something instead of waiting for relatives to visit through a pane of glass.

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